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Become an Accredited Training Center

GECB is a leader in online skills certification with dozens of offerings available to users around the world. The GECB Affiliate Program is one of the fastest growing affiliate programs on the internet with new people and new sites joining every day.

The program delivers excellent returns with its fast-selling certifications and courses, which are widely accepted by all segments of the population, from young people to working adults and professionals. The affiliate program is offered through the GECB website and you can view your visitor and sales statistics at any time.

What will you do?

Through our affiliate program, you will be promoting various GECB certifications in several sought-after skills to students and professionals who are looking to add new skills and credentials to their résumé.

How will you benefit?

On each qualifying sale, you will earn up to 25 per cent commission. Our multiple certifications — equally popular with students, professionals and stay-at-home mothers all over the world — have been taken by thousands of people in several countries. Many of our certifications and courses have a click-to-purchase ratio of 15 per cent and above, which means more sales and more profit for you!

Why choose this affiliate program?

The highlighting point of this program is the industry-leading registration-to-sales ratio made possible by providing courses at 50 per cent lower prices than the competition.

Who is associated with us?

Amongst the numerous companies that have availed IPE and GECB’s services are names such as BEAC, Dangote, UNFPA, UNDP, CICR, Canal + just to name a few. Moreover, ExpertEduc succeeded in outclassing hundreds of companies to win the Elite Conseil Award for innovation and entrepreneurship.

How to get started?

If you want to start earning today, simply follow the given steps:

  1. Visit GECB website.
  2. Create your free affiliate account.
  3. Select the GECB certification Program to promote.
  4. Use your affiliate link and start earning.


You will be paid directly by Commission for the sales generated by you.

If you are already an GECB affiliate, log in to your account, copy and use your affiliate link for promotion.

If you want to learn more about our affiliate program, please contact us at

Happy selling!