Certified Professionals


Both an increased recognition on the importance of professional certifications and the quality of the ExpertEduc program have led to some prominent recognition in the recent past. Many large private companies and government agencies now request or require ExpertEduc certification for new job candidates.

Success Stories

On a regular basis we have students share their success stories with us on how their experience with ExpertEduc has served them well. We share them on major social media with you as an encouragement and testimony. Has your ExpertEduc certification served you well? Would you like to share your story, as well? If so, please send your “Success Stories” to with your full name and registered email address.


All ExpertEduc logos are for use by individuals who hold the associated ExpertEduc certification. Certified professionals are authorized and encouraged to use the associated logo(s) for business cards, resumes, letter head, signature blocks, website, etc. The Provision for Logo use stated herein represents Limited exception to our official partners Trademark Use Policy. The exception stated herein will be strictly construed. Use by entities other than certified individuals must include the identity of the certified individuals. Any other use of these logos requires written permission from ExpertEduc prior to use. Permission can be obtained by writing Any use of these logos that is inconsistent with the above guidelines constitutes trademark infringement and may subject the infringer to legal action. Use of any of these logos implies an understanding of, and consent to, the guidelines shown above.