Examination Process

Remote Participant Guide

Exam general rules

GECB may, at its sole discretion, revoke any and all certifications you may have earned and ban you, permanently or for designated periods, from earning future certifications If you breach any of the terms and conditions of the Exam participant guide and Policy, or If you undertake or participate in any action that compromises the integrity and confidentiality of an examination.

Your performance during the exam, including facial impressions, voice, screen recording, will be subject to a live AI (Artificial Intelligence) proctoring plus a post-review. During the exam, the proctoring system may pop up a warning message on your screen if you undertake a violation. if this happened you should obey the exam rules and continue your exam. Our proctors will review the recordings and decide if there is a breach.

Exam general rules

Prepare your PC and Start the exam

(15 minutes before the exam scheduled time)

Close any program and application opened in your Computer/laptop

You can keep your email inbox and this exam guide open for technical assistance if needed.

Note: Always refer to your exam login details that has been sent to you from the GECB Support team by email for the exam username and password All GECB certifications are actually available in English and French language. More are under development

Once the Exam is completed, make a screenshot of your result and send to GECB. Our technology partner will also do the same.


You Need Help?

In Case you faced any issue to log in to the exam please email us at

Don’t worry, your exam won’t start unless you logged in.


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