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GECB certifications are now organized by focus areas that align with industry trends and needs.

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Certificates provide assurance to current and prospective employers that you have what it takes to get the job done. Gain recognition by getting your name listed in the GECB Credential Directory, used by employers, customers, and others to verify a credential holder’s certification or certificate.

Certification Pathway

You, certified. The recognition you deserve; the credibility you need. GECB certification is a mark of excellence — in any location, in any industry.Get certified in your fiel and open your career to new possibilities

Show employers you have the practical knowledge, insights and professional expertise to meet increasingly complex job demands. Stand out with a GECB certification.Get certified today and improve your employability and career success

Which Certification Is Right For You?

Decide which certification is right for you

GECB offers a wide range of certification programs in several areas.

Attend the training course of your choice

Select the option most convenient for you. Self-training or instructor led training online.

Study and Prepare

Read thoroughly the study guide provided and you will have no problem clearing the exam.

Schedule your exam

Decide the day and time most convenient for your examination and write to us for scheduling.

Get Certified

Once you pass your exam, a premium digital certificate is issued by our global certification board.

Maintain your certification

The status of your GECB certificate must be renewed each 3 years. You will be notified.

Most popular certifications

Certified Manager of Internal Audit

The chief audit executive (CAE), director of audit, director of internal audit, auditor general, or controller general is…

Certified Supply Chain Manager

A Supply Chain Manager is a professional who is in charge of every stage of an organization’s supply chain, from purchasing…


Certified Marketing Management Executive

Marketing management is the way to find out the opportunities which are profitable and create these opportunities by satisfying the…