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Do you have an internal control assessment role? Do you want to understand how to use the COSO model to assess internal control? This certification program will help you use the 5 components, 17 principles, and focus areas of COSO in your assessment work. Become a leader in the field of internal control assessment, unlock new career opportunities and increase your earning potential by Joining the community of Certified Internal Control Assessors. With our advanced certification program, you'll be able to confidently evaluate and report on the effectiveness of internal controls in any organization.

Format:  Multiple choice | Language: English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Portuguese | Questions: 100 | Duration: 120 minutes | Passing Score: 70 % | Exam mode: online and proctored based | Renewal: After 3 years

Learning System
499.99 CICA Self-Study Exam Prep
  • Personalized digital books (Newest edition)
  • Online study tools with quizzes, practice exam, learning activities and resource center (instructor support not included)
  • CICA Exam Content Manual (ECM)
  • Study tips and exam techniques
  • Exam cost, not included
249.99 GECB CICA Certification Exams
  • Your Exam is online and proctored based
  • Use a webcam and a reliable internet connection
  • Take your exam anywhere and anytime
  • Get results immediately
  • Receive your digital badge and share your achievement instantly
  • Use your premium certification right away
  • Access our certification registry anytime for online verification
  • Study materials, not included
649.99 CICA Learning System + Exam + 2nd Chance
  • CICA Learning System and exam voucher
  • 2nd Chance Exam (restrictions apply)
  • Digital books, online quizzes and test with immediate feedback
  • Online study tools with quizzes, practice exams, learning activities and resource center
  • CICA Exam Content Manual (ECM)
  • No additional costs for up 3 years
  • A digital badge and premium certificate
  • Up to 3 years of certification validity (Renewable)


The effectiveness of monitoring depends largely on the quality and competence of the personnel responsible for assessing the adequacy, effectiveness and efficiency of internal controls at all levels in the organization.
The Certified Internal Control Assessor Program provides a methodology that uses the COSO model as a basis for evaluating the effectiveness of the corporation’s system of internal control. Although the COSO framework was developed to help organizations design and implement a system of internal control, enterprise risk management, and fraud deterrence, it is also a powerful tool used all over the world for assessing the adequacy and effectiveness of internal control systems.

The CICA designation is available to professionals responsible for the audit, review, or evaluation of internal controls and internal controls systems. Those typically eligible for the CICA include Internal Auditors, External Auditors, Operational Auditors, Compliance Auditors, Consultants, Forensic Accountants and CFEs, Inspector Generals, Audit Committee Members, etc., and include all types of auditors including Financial, Operational, IT, Fraud, Risk Management, etc., as well as non-auditors who have the responsibility to review internal controls and internal controls system either formally or informally, evaluate the adequacy of internal controls, and make recommendations for the improvement of internal controls and internal controls systems.

Why getting certified?

Getting certified as a Certified Internal Control Assessor demonstrates your expertise in evaluating and assessing an organization's internal control systems according to the COSO framework. This certification will enhance your professional credentials, improve your marketability, and demonstrate your commitment to excellence in internal controls assessment. Additionally, it can help you to increase your earning potential and advance your career in internal audit, internal control, risk management, and compliance.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for our Certified Internal Control Assessor program, candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Holding a bachelor's or higher degree from an accredited institution
  • Having a minimum of one (1) year of experience in audit, risk, control, compliance or related fields
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Demonstrating advanced knowledge and skills in audit, control and risk assessment, such as through Completion of an approved CICA training program or equivalent education
  • Passing score on the CICA certification exam.

Pre requisite

  • Being a CICRP certified in good standing
  • One (1) or more years of practical experience in audit, risk, control, compliance or related fields
  • Completion of an E-Course is not mandatory from GECB portal, but is highly recommend 

Application and exam

  • Step 1: Determine your eligibility
  • Step 2: Choose your learning option
  • Step 3: Purchase your CICA bundle
  • Step 4: Prepare for your exam through self-study or take a GECB-approved preparation course
  • Step 5: Schedule your exam. GECB exams take place 4 times a year, every end of term. Additional windows may be requested by GECB-recognized partners.
  • Step 6: Get certified in case of successful completion and receive your digital badge and certificate
  • Step 8: Shareable and globally accessible: Your digital badges and certificates can be accessed and verified anytime, anywhere, on any device with an internet connection. You can easily showcase your achievements to potential employers, customers or colleagues, enhancing your professional reputation and visibility on a global scale.


Each GECB certificate is valid for three (3) years. To renew your designation, you need to provide proof of a minimum continuing professional development (CPD) and renew your membership to the GECB community of certified professionals by paying the required fees (149 USD). Your certification is then extended for three more years and a new premium digital certificate is issued by the GECB Certification Committee. No need to write the exam again.

  • Module 1 Introduction to Internal Control Assessment
  • Module 2 Internal Control Assessment Process
  • Session 4 COSO Internal Control Application Areas
  • Session 5 Assessing the Control Environment Component
  • Session 6 Assessing the Risk Assessment Component
  • Session 7 Assessing the Control Activities Component
  • Session 8 Assessing the Information and Communication Component
  • Session 9 Assessing the Monitoring and Reporting Component
  • Module 10 Determining the Internal Control Systems Maturity

2023 Exam Windows

  • March 25 or 31
  • June 24 or 30
  • September 22 or 30
  • December 22 or 30

Learning options for any study style


Ideal for self-starters and those with unpredictable schedules. The self-study option means you can learn on your own anytime, day or night — whatever best accommodates your schedule. The Learning System includes both digital books and access to an online, interactive platform. Contact us.


Ideal for individuals who prefer a structured study environment. Instructor-led classes are offered by approved GECB partners worldwide. These traditional classes combine the Learning System with the guidance of a GECB-recognized instructor and provide valuable peer discussion and networking. Contact us.


Ideal for those who want instructor support but can’t attend classes at a set time. Instructor-supported online classes are offered either through pre-recorded video courses or personalized assistance. You may be assigned one instructor for the duration of your program, but there is no required meeting time, so you can complete assignments on your own schedule. Contact us.

Corporate and group

Ideal for small and large groups for self-study or instructor-led classes. We’ll help you organize groups of self-study or instructor-led classes virtually. Whether participants are local to one site or geographically dispersed, structured learning and online group reporting will help track progress and optimize your training investment. Contact us.

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