The GECB Certification Board has announced an exciting development that significantly enhances the credibility and security of its professional designations.

GECB has partnered with Accredible, a leading platform excelling in digital badges and certificates, to introduce an innovative approach to its certifications with the aim of distinguishing professionally our candidates’ profile from non-certified people and increase their employability and career opportunity. Thanks to this innovative partnership, GECB has transformed its certification process from a purely traditional paper certificates to a more secure, verifiable digital certificates. 

As a result of our partnership with Accredible and at the end of your certification process, our certification committee now issues a digital badge and certificate using this cutting-edge technology, guaranteeing transparent and secure delivery directly to the candidate’s email address. In other words, once you have successfully passed the GECB exam, your digital certificate will be issued electronically. You will receive an email notification with instructions on how to access and download your digital certificate.

Yes. Our digital certificates are tamper-proof and stored securely on the blockchain, guaranteeing the integrity and authenticity of your certification. This gives you peace of mind in the knowledge that your achievements are protected against unauthorized alteration.

Yes. You can instantly access your credentials from anywhere in the world, at any time. You no longer have to worry about lost or damaged paper certificates. You can demonstrate your achievements in just a few clicks.

Yes. GECB digital certificates come with a unique verification link, allowing potential employers or clients to validate the authenticity of your credentials at the click of a button. This promotes trust and credibility in the eyes of those seeking your professional services.

Absolutely! Our partner's platform makes it easy to share your digital certificates with employers, colleagues and professional networks. Certificates can be shared by email, via social media like LinkedIn, or integrated into your website or online platform, extending your reach and visibility.

Yes, GECB can send your digital certificate directly to your employer upon request. You can provide the necessary contact details of your employer during the certification process or once certified, and we will facilitate the delivery of the certificate.

Last modified: Thursday, 20 July 2023, 11:10 AM