Why Renew Your GECB Certification?

You made the commitment and put in the time and effort to get GECB certified. But don’t just stop there — keep your certification active to stay relevant in the workforce!

Advanced Expertise

When you renew, you’re showing yourself and others in the industry that not only do you have a certification, but you’ve gone above and beyond to gain advanced knowledge and experience in order to keep that certification.


The longer your certification is active, the more years of verified knowledge and hands-on technical abilities you have. Employers value certifications, and maintaining your certification shows your employer that you’re someone they can depend on.


Your industry peers know how much time and effort is involved in maintaining a certification, and the longer you maintain your certifications, the more you’ll be recognized as an expert in your field.


Renewing ensures your personal knowledge, your job security, and the performance of your enterprise — all in one.

Certification about to expire?

Renewing your hard-earned credential is simple and takes less than 10 minutes. By renewing you will avoid reinstatement fees or possible suspension of your certification. Certifications are eligible for renewal beginning 90 days prior to the expiration date. Take a few minutes today to:

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It is easy to renew your certification here is how

Step 1 - Submit Application

Submit your renewal application (including CPE requirements) and renew your certification in less than 10 minutes!​

Step 2 - Pay Renewal Fee

Members:$100 USD Nonmembers: $275 USD

Step 3 - Enjoy

Renewing your certification ensures you will continue to enjoy the benefits that your hard-earned certification brings for years to come.

Certification renewal dependency

If you have multiple certifications that you selected wisely, renewing one may automatically renew others in your portfolio? To find out which certifications automatically renew, write to our customer relation team.


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