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Membership Benefits

GECB members perform with confidence. We are a community of certified practitioners committed to quality outcomes and career success through meaningful collaboration. Join Us!
There are many reasons to join GECB. Once certified, you are granted a 3 years membership. You become a part of the dynamic changes that are transforming our world by helping to shape the future of competitiveness. GECB provides the tools and resources to help get you there by increasing your employability, advancing your career and enriching your knowledge with life-long learning resources.

Free Access To The New Edition Of The Ebook

  • You’ll be automatically updated with the latest versions of your certificate’s study guide.
  •  This service simply allows you to stay up-to-date on the latest information in a way that’s convenient and absolutely free.

Free Delta Exam

  • Your current certificate will always be valid. You’ll never have to pay outrageous fees for a re-certification exam.
  •  As a GECB member, you'll have the option to take the corresponding Delta exam for the new edition of your certificate study guide.

Valid Digital Badge

Active membership allows you to share an active and verified digital badge with your employer or anyone else.

Certificate Validation

Your GECB membership allows you to continually download a copy of your E-Certificate at no cost. GECB can also send it directly to your employer at any time.


Professionals who hold GECB certifications are a global network of people committed to building a rich and rewarding career, supporting each other with opportunities.

Membership Faq

Why is GECB implementing a membership fee?

To continue the development and value of GECB certification credentials, as well as the continued support of its membership community, GECB has implemented a plan that requires the payment of certification maintenance fees once every three years, in line with standard industry practices.

Are all certified members required to pay the membership fee?

Yes, All certified members are required to pay a three years membership fee for certification maintenance.

When will members be expected to make their first payment?

Members will start their membership fee 3 years after the date of certification earned and their due date will be at the end of that 3 years cycle.

How can I pay the 3 years membership fee?

The membership fees are payable in the member’s account, certificate area. You will see instructions on how you can pay here if your membership fee is due.

What mode of payment is accepted?

Membership fees can only be paid via credit card and paypal
Note: Online bank transfers are not accepted at this point of time.

I have more than one GECB certification; do I need to pay per certification?

Membership fees are charged by membership and not by number of certifications held; you will only need to pay a single membership fee as indicated in the members account.

Will I be requested to pay multiple annual membership fees, if I own more than one account?

Certified members should not hold multiple accounts. Should this not be the case, you are advised to merge your account. This can be done by writing to us at
Certified members are required to pay only one three years membership fee for all their GECB certification credentials.

What is the Membership Fee?

For certified members who hold certifications that require continuing education, the 3 years’ membership fee is USD $200 for all certifications
For certified members who do not hold certifications that require continuing education, the membership fee is USD $50 for all certifications

Does the existence of a continuing education requirement affect the membership fee that I pay?

No. Membership fees are charged according to the GECB relevant certification at USD200 every three years, regardless of any continuing education requirements.

Will I be automatically recertified for the next certification cycle (3 years) if I pay the 3 years membership fee?

No, Recertification is subject to fulfilling the criteria under the GECB policy AND the payment of the 3 years membership fee is listed.

Will I be required to pay the annual membership fee if my certifications are revoked and retired?

The annual membership fee is subject to a minimum of one active certification earned by a member.

Who can I contact if I have more questions about the annual membership fee?

Please send your questions to along with your account id details so we can help you with your questions.


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