Why certify

Certification demonstrates commitment to your profession.

Receiving a certification shows your peers, supervisors, and, in turn, the general public how committed you are to your chosen career, along with how well you perform to set standards. Certification sets you apart as a leader in your field.

Certification enhances the profession’s image

GECB certification programs seek to grow, promote, and develop certified professionals who can stand “out in front” as examples of excellence in the industry or field.

Certification reflects achievement.

A certified professional has displayed excellence in their field or industry and fulfilled set standards and requirements.

Certification builds self-esteem.

GECB certification programs create a standard for a particular profession, complete with performance standards, ethics, and career paths. You’ll see yourself as a certified professional who can control his or her own professional destiny and find a deep sense of personal satisfaction.

Certification establishes professional credentials.

Since it recognizes your individual accomplishments, certification stands above your resume, serving as an impartial, third-party endorsement of your knowledge and expertise. And when the public looks for individuals qualified to perform certain services, they seek individuals – like you – who have achieved certification.

Top 10 Reasons to Seek an GECB Certification

GECB certifications span the breadth of management

GECB certifications are a mile deep for specialized job-focused tasks across industry focus areas including human resource, talent management, performance management, supply chain, marketing, quality management, sales, customer relation, internal audit, fraud investigation, anti money laundering, project management, and much more.

GECB exams test real-world skills

Every certification confirms a practitioner’s abilities and likelihood of success in a real-world work environment. For certain technical exams, GECB take this validation a step further, requiring candidates to perform lab-based, hands-on tasks.

Industry recognition and respect

GECB certifications are listed as preferred qualifications on thousands of job postings across the globe. That’s because hiring managers and professionals know that ExpertEduc certifications are a sort of guarantee of critical skill mastery.

Dedication to exam quality and relevancy

Our team of exam developers is made up of experts who have devoted their professional lives into their domain – both at Global Elite Conseil and as practitioners in the field. Every detail of our exams is rigorously evaluated by a psychometrician to ensure fairness and accuracy.

Start the path to become an expert in your field

GECB can guide you on your career journey through progressively more complex skills and job roles. The GECB Certified Human Resource Expert (CHRE), recently ranked one of the highest-value certification in the industry, is widely recognized as one of the most challenging and meaningful credentials in Human Resource Management.

Become part of the GECB family

Everyone who successfully completes their certification exam is welcomed into the community to share information, explore resources, and create new connections, and high scorers are invited to join the GECB Advisory Board. 


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