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GECB is the certification board of Global Elite Council Limited, a leading company offering online certification exams, in multiple languages, through its state-of-the-art assessment technology, enabling professionals to reach their full potential and realise their life ambitions through certifications and learning.

Certifications from Global Elite Council Limited through GECB are developed by industry experts, not by association staff. Which gives more credibility to the content and knowledge being tested. To date, we have delivered thousands of premium certificates to individuals, companies and government departments around the globe and the number keeps growing.

We drive professionals and industries forward with certifications that can transform lives and businesses.

We offer exams' design and development, sophisticated platforms for qualifications’ management, global and secure test delivery and post-exam services.

We offer sought-after certifications and innovative exams' assessment and management technology.


Certified Manager of Internal Audit

The chief audit executive (CAE), director of audit, director of internal audit, auditor general, or controller general is…

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Certified Marketing Management Executive

Marketing management is the way to find out the opportunities which are profitable and create these opportunities by satisfying the…

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